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Pathology is the scientific study of disease; pathologists are physicians with extensive additional training who specialize in diagnosing disease processes of tissue samples and body fluids. When patient tissue is biopsied and sample(s) submitted for pathological examination, pathologists review the tissue under a microscope.

Histopathology is the study of tissue specimens under the microscope and dermatopathology the sub-specialty of skin, hair and nail pathology. Once patient pathology results are finalized, a written report is issued.

Western Pathology’s board-certified dermatopathologists are committed to providing care for the whole human from which tissue samples originate. While microscopy reveals the vast cellular world within tissue, our comprehensive diagnoses bring the whole human into consideration.

Healthcare providers around the world rely on pathological accuracy to guide patient care in an effective, reliable and responsible manner. Evidence-based patient care begins with accurate pathology results.